Hossegor Lake

Cote Lac Marin Hotel Pavillon Bleu 2

The Le Pavillon Bleu hotel is located opposite the lake, with a breathtaking view of the beaches.

Lake Hossegor, located in the Landes in France, is a true natural gem. Covering an area of 380 hectares, this marine lake is fed by both fresh water from rivers and salt water from the Atlantic Ocean, creating a unique ecosystem. Historically, the lake and its surroundings were an important fishing site for local people. Today, it has become a popular place for various leisure activities.

Visitors can enjoy sailing, paddleboarding, kayaking or simply relaxing on the beaches that line the lake. Lake Hossegor is also famous for its oysters, grown locally and appreciated by gourmets. Around the lake, hiking trails offer picturesque views and the chance to observe local wildlife.

Expanding your gaze towards the town of Hossegor, you'll discover a paradise for surfing enthusiasts, with its famous beaches on the Atlantic coast. The city also hosts a magnificent golf course, the Golf d'Hossegor, one of the oldest and most respected in France. Between nature, sport and culture, Hossegor and its lake offer a diverse and enriching experience for all visitors.